Sub Slab

ADLAM’s line of films, designed for laminating insulations and utilized in under slab projects, are high-quality moisture and vapor barriers. These products are used as a barrier and a way to provide a durable surface while installing your radiant floor heating system, pouring concrete slab or any other concrete application. Insulation with ADLAM’s two-side laminating film is highly energy-efficient and makes all the difference in keeping an insulated home or building dry.

ADLAM’s new woven polypropylene product line gives new meaning to extreme durability.  This custom film can be laminated to rigid board insulation and provide a surface conducive to a high foot traffic work area. Like the other films available for sheathing, roofing and flooring, manufacturers have the ability to create long linear products in order to save on labor and material costs.


Woven Printed


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