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Industrial Products

ADLAM uses state-of-the-art extrusion technology and printing expertise to cover your EPS, XPS, Poly ISO and other industrial needs. ADLAM’s polyester and polypropylene solutions — and metalized applications of each — are bonded to insulation boards with a coextrusion of resin that is a safe and affordable alternative to foil insulation coatings.




Foil coatings on insulation board is the way of the past. ADLAM’s polypropylene film is safer than foil, provides an effective moisture barrier and costs less than other coatings.


Compatibility can be a big issue with insulations, which is why ADLAM makes a special roofing insulation product with a polyester film. Polyester has inherent properties which protect styrenic insulation board from the damaging properties of plasticizers that can be found in some roofing materials.


ADLAM’s flooring underlay is created with two purposes in mind. Metalized polyester film laminated to foam provides moisture protection for the flooring while also providing sound-dampening properties. With ADLAM’s flooring underlay, developers do not have to settle for carpet in their second and third floor units.


ADLAM’s radiant energy barriers are high-quality, low-emittance lamination films with values of .03 or less (known as Low-E). These films are produced using a proprietary coating in conjunction with high-speed extrusion technology, allowing for a radiant energy reflective value of 97% or better. Manufactured with polyester or polypropylene films, ADLAM’s proprietary coating allows for a long product life where corrosion resistance and degradation protection is crucial. These films are laminated to a wide range of products in the radiant barrier market.

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