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Adlam Films is a USA-based extrusion coater and printer of strategic film solutions for the industrial insulation, building construction, cold chain, packaging, graphic arts, and education markets.  We are committed to providing a consistent product, fair pricing, and a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.
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No matter your problem, we have you covered. ADLAM is not a me-too company, simply providing the same retail products as other companies. The products sold at ADLAM are the result of development-driven solutions to customer problems.


At ADLAM, we believe our films can be used in more ways than the products listed on these pages, especially in the realm of packaging. From small, individual cracker packages to bulk shipping solutions, ADLAM is prepared to take on the problems of their customers and work hard to develop a packaging solution.

Adlam Films foil


When it comes to industrial film laminating applications, ADLAM Films, LLC has you covered. Whether you need a simple barrier, radiant barrier, durable, sub-slab floor or a high-quality, printed marketing surface, ADLAM has the experts to get you the right product. 

ADLAM provides a wide range of printed and non-printed, metallized and woven laminating films, as well as paper/film products.   ADLAM  uses state-of-the-art extrusion technologies and printing expertise to cover your EPS, XPS, Poly ISO and other industrial needs.

Adlam Films print and laminations

Print & Laminations

If you need a printing or laminating solution, we have you covered. ADLAM offers a full range of polyester and polypropylene lamination products, available in standard sizes or customized to your specifications. These films can be processed with automated slitters or custom-finished. These films are constantly being refined to bring our customers the latest in durability, flexibility and versatility.



At ADLAM, we've got films covered.  ADLAM film coverings are used for everything from print laminates, and industrial coverings, to food packaging solutions.  Dedication to commitment, consistency, and innovation sets ADLAM apart from the competition.

ADLAM Films is committed to our customers, to our employees, to quality products, and to a new standard for excellence in our industry.

From the executive level to the production floor, the ADLAM Films team is backed by years of experience in insulation films and cold chain packaging, ensuring that our customers know they can expect top products and stellar services.


Film Products



How can we help you?

Call 800.238.6563 or fill out the Contact Us form below and we will get back to you quickly.

Contact Us

Corporate Office

62 County Road 520

Shannon, MS  38868

Tel: 800.238.6563

Employment Opportunities

Click on the employment link below to fill out an online application.  We are always looking for quality applicants to join our growing team.


Roofing Industry

We have been in partnership with Adlam for over 15yrs.  They have supported our development efforts into new products and markets where we have realized significant growth.  The Adlam team has been both a great resource and ally to our company and our industry.

Insulation Industry

Adlam has been a partner for over 11 years. Adlam continues to provide high-quality products and excellent service. Recently on a weekend I reached out to Randy regarding a technical question. He responded within 1/2 an hour. Then, first thing Monday morning he followed up with a phone call. Now that’s service! 

Insulating Foam Board

We have been working with Adlam films for many years, there is always a high level of customer service and pro-active sales approach taken when purchasing film. If there is ever an issue or delay we know it will be communicated/resolved with our team.

Interior/Exterior Siding

Adlam has been a trusted partner of ours for many years. They provide top shelf customer service, quality material and product expertise.

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