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Our Capabilities

ADLAM produces premium packaging and industrial films designed to provide facing and stability to the insulation in your walls, on your roof, and under your floors. These products are designed to provide top-quality structure and barrier properties in a market with an increasing demand for stringent packaging requirements and high-efficiency sheathing, roofing, and sub-slab insulations.

Extrusion Coating

  • Ability to coat a variety of substrates (polypropylene, polyester, nylon, woven, non-woven, paper, foil)

  • Variety of different resins for adhesion, bulk, opacity, color, barrier and sealant

  • Aqueous coating for interlaminate bond enhancement and barrier/ Rotogravure

  • 39″-70″ multi-layer coextrusion coating of web substrates

  • 5 layer feed block with 1-5 layer capability

  • 6 element blender with resin and powder capability

  • Thermo Fisher gauge control system with 66 bolt auto die

  • .4 mil min to 8 mil max extrudate thickness

  • Pre/Post corona treating

  • Surface and reverse print/coating capability with turning bar

  • 18″ to 40″ finished roll outside diameter

  • Ability to process both sides in single pass

Adhesive Laminating

  • Lamination of various webs for a combination of attributes (bulk, barrier, sealant, opacity, customer-specific print)

  • Oriented polypropylene, polyester, nylon, low-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, foil, cast polypropylene, coex film, paper

  • 60″ Nordmeccanica solventless adhesive laminator

  • Dual web corona treating

  • One and two-part adhesive systems controlled by World Mixer

  • 3″ and 6″ core capability

  • 40″ max finished roll outside diameter


  • Up to 10 color customer-specific print (line and process)

  • Flexographic coatings for color, opacity, barrier, overlacquer and sealant

  • 100% print inspection

  • Up to 39″ finished roll outside diameter

  • Corona treating

  • AVT print inspection unit

  • Full service computerized graphics/prepress capability


  • Ability to process master rolls or slit rolls

  • Slit rolls produced to customer specification on 1″, 2.25″, 3″ or 6″ core

  • Ability to remove print defects based on 100% video inspection

  • 3.5″ – 73″ slit width

  • 40″ max finished roll outside diameter

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